Memory Care Cottages

May Creek Senior Living Campus Memory Care Cottages welcomed their first residents December 2008. The Memory Care Cottages are located on the same grounds as the Assisted Living Lodge.

Our Memory Care Cottages serve people with Alzheimer's or related dementias from mid to late stages of their disease.

Each Cottage is a distinct home and serves up to ten residents. Hawthorne Cottage & Keston Cottage are side by side, with a central commons area, secured outdoor space and garden.  The feel is similar to a residential home and emphasizes safety, familiarity and comfort.

The philosophy of the Memory Care Cottages is being present in the moment with each resident.  The foundation of our memory care mission is safety, individuality, privacy, and dignity. Activities are tailored to the individual's interests, skills and abilities.  Comprehensive care includes meals and snacks, personal bathing, grooming, medication administration, transferring, toileting, laundry, and cleaning services.

Our Memory Care Cottages are staffed 24 hours daily with caring individuals who are specially trained to work with people who have memory loss.